Acts like a candle, but you dont light it!
Scent an entire room, when scent fades, blow dry till warm, and it will smell great all over again!  Perfect for Babys rooms, nursing homes, small office space, or anywhere you  wouldnt want an open flame. Custom order yours today, you pick the animals, the scent and the bow colors.

Wax Dipped Stuffed Animals

Famous Angel  Bear
Approx 7.5" sitting size.
Wings can be dipped or
left as furry wings. Choose f
from Tan or White Bear.


Scruflin  Bear
Approx 6"" sitting size
Choose from  Cream, Tan or Brown.


Bowling Bear
Approx 6" Sitting size
choose from Ball,


Newton Bear
Approx 6.5" sitting size
Choose from  Tan or Brown.


Red Hat Bear
Approx 8" sitting size


please tell me which c/fresh
and scent or scents at checkout

Car, Plane or ttrane:
Approx 9" long
Perfect to keep the kidos room smelling
nice.   Choose from: Car  ,        Train  or Airplane    
Geremy The Giraffe
approx 11" sitting size

Floppy Ear Bunny with Biggie feett
approx 8" sitting size.
colors are random.   

They are Back!!!  Bug Bear  Choose from:
  Butterfly, Bumble Bee or the                  Ladybug Bear
   Dragonfly is out of stock
       Approx 8" tall

Paw Bear
Approx 8" Sitting size.
Choose from Tan or Brown. These bears are a new addition to my line.


Life is Good Pillow Bear
Approx 6" tall
Bear is holding pillow that reads
            " Life is Good"

White Owl
Approx 8" tall
Very real looking.


Prissy Oppossum
Approx 15" long not including his tail. He is so real like looking and is so adorable. He is a must see and have.

Military Bear
Approx 10" Standing size or 6" sitting size. Choose from Pink Camo or Desert Camo. Each bear is decked out in military Uniform complete with Hat too.

Pink Camo        Desert Camo
$                             $
Henny Chicken
Approx 9" Sitting size


Fruit Belly Bear
Approx 8" tall, or 6" sitting size. So adorable. I just added these bears to my line.
Choose from Orange, strawberry or watermelon belly bear

Minkie Rose Bear
approx 6" sitting size. Holds a nice pink  flower with green mint leaves. So cute, a must see for sure.


Find A Cure Bear
approx 6" sitting size. Holds a balloon and wears a pink ribbon white sweater. Great for Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers.


American Flag Heart Bear
approx 6" sitting size. Holds a heart shaped pillow in the great American colors.

Sweet Tart Bear
approx 8" sitting size. Bear holds a floral matching colored flower. Choose from these Colors:
           Green          Pink        Yellow         Blue          Purple


    Sweet Mini Bear
  approx 6" sitting size. Just like the Sweet Tart
  Bear only smaller.
  Choose your Color:
  Pink         Purple          Blue         Green        Yellow


Nurse Bear
Approx 6" sitting size. All decked out in their srubs. Choose from  male or female.

Approx 9" overall size.

Boots or Mitts
6" sitting size.

    Boots                             Mitts

14" Tall 


Panda Bear
7.5" Sitting size 


Approx 9" Sitting size



P.J Bears
7.5' sitting size
Bear comes complete with p.j's and blankey
Also available in blue for boy
        BOY  Only
Sorbet Twins
Approx 9" sitting size these are so adorable. Choose from the Boy or the Girl

Barry The Golf Bear
All decked out and ready to go golfing.. this bear
is approx 10" tall and very detailed as pictured.

Barney The Fishing Bear
All decked out and ready to go fishing  approx 10" tall and very detailed as pictured.
Perfect for any Golf collector

Bride and Groom Bear Set  Large, Medium and Mini Sizes.
Each bear is decked out in attire ready for the wedding. Large bears are 11" sitting size, Medium is approx 8" tall, and the mini size is approx 3" tall.
All sizes are one set (1 Bride and 1 Groom)  
                          $                  $                $
Grandma Bear NO RULES  Bear is approx 8" tall
and 5.5" sitting size
The bear is wearing a sweater that reads " Grandma is a mom without rules "
   in pink or brown     


#1 Grandpa Bear Bear is approx 8" tall
and 5.5" sitting size
The bear is wearing a sweater that reads
       " #1 Grandpa  "

Live, Love, Laugh Bear
Approx 6" tall, Bear is holding pillow.


Best Friends Always Bear
Approx 6" sitting size. . Bear is holding

Very Detailed
Newborn Boy Bear
Bear is approx 7" sitting size
and is holding triple pillow that reads:
"Its a boy"

Mini .
Blankie Bear Baby 
Approx 6" tall . This little bear holds his or hers security blanket. Wearing their pjs too. These go fast so order early. Perfect for baby showers too!

Only one boy left in stock
What a CUTE little way to Say Happy Birthday ! Approx 8" tall
and 7.5" sitting size


Spirit Bears are HERE !!!!! Get your favorite team . All teams available.
Approx 6" Sitting size. Bear is holding a plush football and has his team pennant in hand. You pick the team and the scent. Order early these will go fast....


Scraggles (ko-hair)                    Baby Scraggs
7.5" sitting                                     6.5" sitting size
  ko-hair                                              ko-hair
$                                                         $
               Three colors to choose from:
                       White, tan or brown
Always in my Heart Bear
6" sitting size

                               Approx 8" tall, and 5.5" sitting size.    
                                   A Must have for the sports fan.
                                Choose from: Soccor, football,basketball or baseball.
Paw Black Bear
Approx 7.5" Sitting size. So adorable. I just added these bears to my line.

Tennis Bear
approx 6" sitting size. Holds a tennis racket and ball. Sports tennis attire.

Sherbert Babies
9" sitting
Choose from Green, Yellow, Peach or Purple.

Devinity Bear
Approx 7.0" Sitting size. So adorable. I just added these bears to my line.

Wings of white Angel Bear
Approx 5.5" Sitting size
Heavenly Angel Baby
Approx 6" sitting size. choose from white, pink or blue. Also availalbe in pastel rainbow.

Famous Angel Mini
Approx 6" sitting size. Choose from white,or tan.

Armadillo Realistic
Approx 10"

Fluffy White Cat
9" long   (also available in grey ) Not pictured.


9" long  Choose from
White, calico,or the  black & white

Beautiful Cat
9" long
w/ colored bow of your choice

12' long


Cocker Spaniel
9" long

Yellow Lab (Labie)
11" long

   also available in black or chocolate

Bride and Groom Bulldogs
These pups are all ready for the isle.
approx 8" sitting size.
Set of one groom and one bride:
Westie Dog 
9" long
Absolutely adorable when dipped.

Chico is Back for a Limited Time
8" sitting size


Tetty the Poodle
9" long  comes in white or black

  Sugar the Bulldog
   8" sitting size


Dalphina the Dolphin
Approx : 7" long
Dolphins are a real collector item, but seem
to be hard to find in the plush line. This one is sure to be a winner, not to mention how good it  will smell. Give one to your self or the dolphin collector you know.

apprx 8" sitting  size.
This is a must see. Limited Supply. Order fast before he is gone.


SWAN BEAUTY  Approx 13" tall
this swan is very detailed. Very realistic looking.

Choose from white or black
Quacksy The Duckie

Approx 9" sitting size. Too cute!


Eagle Pride
6" standing


Eli the Elephant
8" sitting


Trunx The Elephant
8" sitting size.
elephant is sitting up when dipped truck
is turned upward.
Adorable and great for baby room.


    Thad Pole The Frog
                Approx 7.5" tall

Bug Eyed Frog
appprox 7" sitting siize

Special Delivery Stork.
                   7" sitting
It carries a diaper that holds
  a "special delivery" boy or girl

     Perfect for Baby Shower gifts !

Special Bear Delivery

     Approx 4.5" Sitting size
       It carries a diaper that holds  a "special delivery" boy or girl

     Perfect for Baby Shower gifts !

10" standing
bridle and reigns
thick mane.

Spankie Horse
10" standing.

Precious the Lamb          
9" sitting size

Approx 11" Sitting size
Bongo Monkey
6.5" sitting size
This monkey is too cute


Mungie the Monkey
Approx 11" Sitting size. This monkey is ready to go home  with you today. Such a cute little face.


Snort the Pig
Sitting 11" tall.
This little porker is too cute for words.
Has little curly tail, and big black eyes.


Sitting at 6" tall
Perfect size for the office desk.


Miko The Raccoon
Approx 10" tall, he is so adorable.

Mini Squirrel
5" tall


                          20" Long
            Black and White striped Tiger
     Beautiful BLUE eyes. Very hard to find plush. A Must See !!                               
20" Long
A Must see, so real like.

Mama Tiger w/ Baby
14" Sitting size
Mama holding her baby in mouth.
Baby is included in price.

Baby Tiger
8" Sitting size
Choose from black and white, or orange and black.

  Black and White         Orange and Black      
Franklin Turtle
8.0" long

Howling Wolf
12" tall


New Mexico Lobo
bear with football
6" sitting size

Zoey The Zebra
9" standing
She has a pink nose.

Jesus Warms My Heart Ginger bread man Car Freshener
Get them while they last.
approx 5." over all.,Holds a candy cane or whatever you want to put in his hand. (not included with freshener) Comes with a stretchy band for ease of hanging on rear view mirror.

one ounce of refresher oil to freshen up your wax dipped animals, or the car air fresheners. Comes to you in this plastic bottle with sprayers. Only take a little spritz and smelling great all over again. Order yours today...

     $                         one full ounce
Red Hat Car Air Fresheners
approx 3.6" tall. Each will have a stretchy matching band  for ease of putting over rear view mirror. Each hat is scented, so they are not only cute, but will keep your car smelling great as well. Orders yours today!

Holders of Your Prayer Bear:
Approx 4" tall, comes with a card that you can tuck in its tummy to hold your prayer request.
Comes in assorted colors


Graduation Diploma Bear Car Air Freshener
Approx 4" sitting size, this bear
will add decor and a wonderfull scent to your grads car. Each comes with a bear that holds a playlike diploma and note that is tucked inside that says to and from. Perfect for any grad you know.
Choose from : White, tan or  brown

Walking With Jesus T-Shirt Bear Car Freshener
Approx 3" tall. Comes with a stretchy band so you can put over the rear view mirror with ease. Each Bear has a t-shirt that reads
    " Walking With Jesus"
Peace, Hope or Joy Bear
approx 3.5" over all, comes with a stretchy band for ease of hanging on rear view mirror.


Donkey, Piggie or Cow
approx 3.5" over all, comes with a stretchy band for ease of hanging on rear view mirror.  Choose from Donkey ,Piggie  or Cow


Jesus Love You Bear
approx 3.5" over all, comes with a stretchy band for ease of hanging on rear view mirror. Please be sure to tell me which one upon checkout.

Chili Pepper Car fresheners
approx 7" over all, comes with a stretchy band for ease of hanging on rear view mirror. Please be sure to tell me which one.
Choice : Hot for you, Hot Tamali, Hot Stuff, Too Hot Too Handle


Mini Christmas Bear Car Freshner
Get them while they last.
approx 3." over all. Comes with a stretchy band for ease of hanging on rear view mirror.

Car Fresheners

                    Scent List
if you dont see a scent you are looking for , please inquire, we might have it.

ANGEL WINGS - powdery bouquet of rose,jasmine and hawthorn, enhanced by vanilla, musk and wood.

AMBER ROMANCE -Just like the popular Victoria's Secret* fragrance, a warm blend with slight floral hints of                              Jasmine and violet and an overall hint of woody effect.

  APPLE CINNAMON-hot baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon
  HOT BAKED APPLE PIE- smells like an appple pie fresh out of the oven
   APPLE JACK N PEEL- green floral bouquet of apple ad spices with a sweet background
APPLE STRUDEL- Hearty apple tope not with sugar, cinnamon, and bakde crust notes.
AUTUMN HARVEST- blend of orange, grapefruit and clove.
BABY POWDER- smells like real baby powder, Perfect for a baby room.                                                            

BANANA NUT BREAD- fresh baked bread with banana slice, chopped nuts, and ginger
BAY BREEZE (TYPE) -like the poplular yankee candle, the clean smell of salty ocean air .
    BEAUTIFUL ( TYPE)- just like the popular womens fragrance
  APPLE VANILLA- blend of apples and cinnamon, and vanilla. Stronger on the apple side
AMERETTO- awesome blend of cherry and vanilla
ANGEL (TYPE). smells just like the popular ladies designer perfume
BLACK CHERRY- wild cherries and raspberries with hints of green apple for acidity
BLUE BERRY -pure blueberry with nothing else added to it.

BUTTERCREAM-sweet blend of french vanilla, with clove and cinnamon,on a soft creamy background.

CAKE BAKE-fresh cake mix without icing

CANDY CANE- sweet smell of the holiday favorite candy

CHAMOMILE- a soothing smell of a well know aromatic herb

CHERRY- a sweet cherry with light fruity hints along with cinnamon and clove

CHERRY ORCHARD- another strong cherry fragrance

CHINA RAIN-soft floral bouquet of violet and roses with a strong body of musk


CHRISTMAS COOKIE- french vanilla with butter spice and milk

CHRISTMAS MULBERRY-  blend of wood spices and fruits and flowers made to enhance the christmas

CHRISTMAS TREE- smells just like a 7 foot pine tree.

CINNAMON BUNNS- spicy warm and sweet  morning pastry

CINNAMON STICKS- classic raw cinnamon sticks

CINNAMON VANILLA-  classic french vanilla with a hint of cinnamon

CLEAN COTTON- crisp and cool best describes this refreshing aroma of fruits, florals, and green notes

COCONUT-  fresh cracked coconut shell

COCONUT CREAM PIE- just like the real thing. This one will make your mouth water.

COCONUT LIME VERBENA- a luscious blend of juicy citrus fruits such as lemon and lime on  a delicate
                    heart of creamy coconut and fresh florals. Vanilla notes and sandlewood round out the blend

COFFEE- like a fresh pot of brewed coffee

COOL CITRUS BASIL (TYPE) smells just like the popular bath and body fragrance

COOL WATER- a fresh modern fouger with a citrus top note enhanced  by hint of green , with a heart of
                   flowers on a background of amber, musk, moss, sandlewood, and cedar

COTTON BLOSSOM (TYPE)- just like the popular bath and body fragrance

CRANBERRY-berries enhanced by apple slices

CREAMY VANILLA-  absolutely fabulous sweet sugary, buttery vanilla

CREME BRULEE-rich creamy vanilla coffee blend

CUCUMBER MELON (TYPE) - smells just like the all time favorite of bath and body works

DICKENSON CHRISTMAS-fruity spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove,nutmeg and juniper notes with
                 a sweet musky background

DOWNY APRIL FRESH-just like a fresh clean load of laundry pulled from the dryer. Clean and fresh

DRAKKAR NOIR( TYPE)- modern fouger, bergamot, lavendar , oakmoss, and woods. Great mens colone


DREAMSICKLE- orange peels, and lemon zests sweetened by shaved coconut and french vanilla

FREESIA- bouquet of jasmine, lilac and rose with a background of fern.

FRENCH VANILLA -vanilla bean with a toucn of butter and nuts

FRUIT SLICES- a fruit salad blend with slices of grapefruit, orange, lemons, strawberries, and
         vine ripened raspberries and spices on  drynote of patchouli

GARDENIA- green bouquet of white flowers

GARDENIA LILY- aroma of summertime gardenias and elegant lilies that is patterned
        after the popular bath and body works fragrance

GEORGIA PEACHES- freshly cut peach off the tree

GINGERBREAD- sliced gingerbread and release aroma of spices and vanilla

GRANDMAS KITCHEN- all the spices you find in grandmas cooking

HAPPY( TYPE)-popular womans fragrance

HAPPY HOLIDAYS- cinnamon, clove and spice blend

HAWAIIAN BREEZE- tropical outdoor blend of fruit notes of orange, pineapple, peach and
         strawberrry combined with a nuance of jasmine and lavender

HEATHER-    bouquet of gardenia, lilac, and magnolias with a hint of rose and carnations


HOLLY BERRY- cinnamon and clove sweetened with vanilla and orange peels

HOME SWEET HOME- cinnamon and clove with rosemary

HONEY DEW MELON- fresh cut  melon

HONEYSUCKLE- like a honeysuckle flower

HUGO BOSS (MEN) like the popular mens fragrance

JASMINE- light jasmine bouquet

JAZZ BERRIES-a blend of fruity berry like notes with a hint of grapes and an undertone of

KEY LIME PIE- like the yankee candle scent

LAVENDER- bouquet enhanced by sage, patchouli and rosemary

LEMON MERINGUE PIE- smells like the real pie

LILAC- wild flowers picked off the tree

LILY OF THE VALLEY- blend of white flowers and lilly

LOVE SPELL- Victoria secret duplicate( citrus notes atop a fruity floral heart)

MAC APPLE- a blend of fresh peach, apricot, and pear with hints of lime and cut grass
        on a background of musk

MAGNOLIA- exotic white flowers blended

MANGO- fresh ripe fruit sliced

MID SUMMERS NITE- type of drakkar popular mens fragrance

MONKEY FARTS - top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and              strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note. Sure to attract new customers

MULBERRY- classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon stix , wild berries and orange

OBESESSION(TYPE) green topnotes with a citrusy, floral and spicey notes on a
      sweet woods background

PASSION FRUIT- blend of greenish coconut topnotes, assorted fruit notes drying on 
        vanilla musk background

PINK SUGAR-Victoria secret type

PEACHES AND CREAM- creamy nector of fresh peaches

PEARBERRY(TYPE) fruity fragrant blend of pear and berries with a slight musk

PINA COLADA- coconut and fruity topnotes and a hint of sweet musk background

PINK(TYPE) - Victoria secret duplicate,

PLEASURES( TYPE) popular womens fragrance

PLUMERIA- fruity floral blend with hints of green notes

POLO(TYPE) MENS- nice woody blend enhanced by hints of mint, artemisia, lavendar and

POMEGRANATE- blend of peach, apple and strawberry with a touch of vanilla

PUMPKIN PIE SPICE- nice holiday spice scent

RAIN-blend of rose and lily of the valley on a strong musk background

RASPBERRY VIOLET-balance between the floral sweetness of violets and the wild
      berry bitterness of raspberries

ROSE PETALS- fresh picked roses with a jasmine blossom and geranium

SAGE AND CITRUS- TYPE- incredible scent for the kitchen

SANDLEWOOD- woody bouquet with touches of cedarwood, amber and cedar leaf musk

SEA PETALS- light floral blend of roses and violets with a touch of light green notes,
       blended with some fruity notes of peach, citrus and strawberries

SNICKERDOODLE-nutty caramel, chocolate and vanilla, smells like the snack bar
       and spices

STARGAZER LILY-spring garden in full bloom. Popular yankee scent

STRAWBERRY AND CHAMPAGNE- juicy fruity aroma with sparkling effervescents
        notes on a warm senual background that closely reminds you of the victoria secret

STRAWBERRIES- wild strawberries with just a hint of vanilla

STRAWBERRY KIWI-blend of sweet strawberries and ripened kiwis

SUGAR COOKIE-sugary aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies

SUGAR PLUM SPICE- mixed berries and some subtle spice drying on a soft vanilla

SUN AND SEA-light floral of roses and violets with a touch of light green notes,wiht some
     fruity notes of peaches citrus and strawberries

SWEET PEA- duplicate of the popular bath and body fragrance


TOMMY (TYPE) popular mens fragrance duplicate

TOMMY GIRL(TYPE)- popular designer fragrance duplicate

WATERMELON PEACH- incredible scent, stronger on the watermelon side with a touch of peach

WHITE CAKE- smells like you took a cake right out of the oven

WHITE LINEN(TYPE) popular womens fragrance

WILD CHERRY- strong fruity notes with slight touches of orange, peach, strawberry, banana and vanilla

Wax Dipped Roses

  Wax Dipped "Scented" Roses.... Get them something UNIQUE
Will arrive to you in Crisp, Clear Cellophane bag and ready to give as a gift... Pictured below after being dipped.
When scent starts to fade, blow dry justtill warm, and the scent is revived again. To clean : blow dry on cool. Refresher sprays are avilable too. Scroll down to see those.
Moms are angels bear
approx 6" sitting size

I love Mom Sweater Bear
approx 6" sitting size

Floppy Frog
approx 10" sitting size

I love  Grandma Sweater Bear
approx 6" sitting size

Mixed Pup
approx 6" sitting size

Kanga has roo
joey in pouch
approx 8" sitting size

Mingo the Donkey
approx 8"  standing size

Pink Plaid Ribbon
approx 6" standing size

Teacher Apple
approx 8"  size

Sherbert Bear
approx 8" sitting  size


Pink Plaid Ribbon
approx 6" standing size

Pink Plaid Ribbon
approx 6" standing size

Diaper Monkey
each monkey has pacy in mouth, and sports its diaper and bib too. Choose from boy or girl. Perfect for baby shower gift.
approx 8" sitting  size.

Baby Paw Bear
Choose from blue for boy or pink for girl
approx 8" sitting  size

Business or Fun Bear
Choose from Busness carries his briefcase and wears a tie, or Golfer Buddy holds club and sport the attire, or Fisherman Buddy carries his pole w. fish and sports attire.
approx 8" sitting  size

9-11 Never  Forgotten Bear
approx 6" standing size

Pink and White Cancer Awareness Car Freshener
approx 4" stitting size. Comes to you with a stretchy type band atttached for ease of putting over rear view mirror.

           " Jell-a-scents"
             or as they are better know as " Smelly Jellies"


            12 Ounce jar of little water crystals scented with
        fragrance of your choice.

       Perfect for bathrooms, baby rooms, kitchens, nursing homes.

When you  get the Jell-a-Scent shake and then remove the inner pulp
from lid and replace the lid. (Remember to keep the plastic pulp. You will need it to refresh and shake with).Place anywhere you want a nice fragrance.
The scent will emit thru the petal shaped lid. When scent faded, or water evaporates, fill jar with "distilled water", put a little  of the oil in the jar also, put lid back on with the inner pulp and give it a good shake. There your Jell-a-Scent is ready to smell great all over again.
                For a large room 2-3 is recommended.
           1/2 ounce of Refresher oils come with each Jar.

    Remember to not over fill the jar with Distilled water. The crystals absorb 400 times their size.
   Please tell me upon checkout what color and what scent you prefer.


4 ounce Aroma beads in a jar with petal shaped lid. Allows scent to be released. These are perfect for cars, closets, bathrooms, nursing homes, and places you wouldnt want the flame of a candle to be.
        Refresh with oils, not sold with jars, but are sold seperately
Upon checkout please tell me color of beads and scent you prefer.

Bunny with Egg
Approx 8" Sitting size
choose from pink , blue
or purple.


Hoppy Bunny
aprprox 8" sitting size
choose from grey,
white or brown

Cutsie Kitten
approx 5" sitting


approx 6" standing size
Christmas Gingerbread man or girl.   (these are limited, and no longer made for the plush) so order now while you can still get them.


Reindeer Bear
Approx 9" sitting size


Ornament  Belly Bear  Approx 8" sitting size.
Choose from red, green or  blue. They
have hats that made like the tops of the
ornaments. Too Cute. Order now.

Marsh or Mallow Snowman
approx 8" sitting size.
All decked out in winter attire.
These go fast, so order now.


Squeaks the mouse
stands approx 9" tall.