" Jell-a-scents"
             or as they are better know as " Smelly Jellies"


            12 Ounce jar of little water crystals scented with
        fragrance of your choice.
        $10.00 each w/out oil      $ 12.00 each with 1/2 oz. oil

       Perfect for bathrooms, baby rooms, kitchens, nursing homes.

When you  get the Jell-a-Scent shake and then remove the inner pulp
from lid and replace the lid. (Remember to keep the plastic pulp. You will need it to refresh and shake with).Place anywhere you want a nice fragrance.
The scent will emit thru the petal shaped lid. When scent faded, or water evaporates, fill jar with "distilled water", put a little  of the oil in the jar also, put lid back on with the inner pulp and give it a good shake. There your Jell-a-Scent is ready to smell great all over again.
                For a large room 2-3 is recommended.
           1/2 ounce of Refresher oils come with each Jar.

    Remember to not over fill the jar with Distilled water. The crystals absorb 400 times their size.
   Please tell me upon checkout what color and what scent you prefer.

                       $6.00 each

4 ounce Aroma beads in a jar with petal shaped lid. Allows scent to be released. These are perfect for cars, closets, bathrooms, nursing homes, and places you wouldnt want the flame of a candle to be.
        Refresh with oils, not sold with jars, but are sold seperately
Upon checkout please tell me color of beads and scent you prefer.

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Color preference
Color preference
Scent Choice
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