ANGEL WINGS - powdery bouquet of rose,jasmine and hawthorn, enhanced by french vanilla, musk and wood.
AMERETTO- awesome blend of cherry and vanilla
ANGEL (TYPE). smells just like the popular ladies designer perfume
APPLE CINNAMON-hot baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon

HOT BAKED APPLE PIE- smells like an appple pie fresh out of the oven
APPLE JACK N PEEL- green floral bouquet of apple ad spices with a sweet background
APPLE STRUDEL- Hearty apple tope not with sugar, cinnamon, and bakde crust notes.
AUTUMN HARVEST- blend of orange, grapefruit and clove.
BABY POWDER- smells like real baby powder, Perfect for a baby room.                                                            

BANANA NUT BREAD- fresh baked bread with banana slice, chopped nuts, and ginger
BAY BREEZE (TYPE) -like the poplular yankee candle, the clean smell of salty ocean air coming onto the coast
    BEAUTIFUL ( TYPE)- just like the popular womens fragrance
BLACK CHERRY- wild cherries and raspberries with hints of green apple for acidity
BLUE BERRY -pure blueberry with nothing else added to it.

BUTTERCREAM-sweet blend of french vanilla, with clove and cinnamon,on a soft creamy background.
CAKE BAKE-fresh cake mix without icing
CANDY CANE- sweet smell of the holiday favorite candy
CHAMOMILE- a soothing smell of a well know aromatic herb
CHERRY- a sweet cherry with light fruity hints along with cinnamon and clove
CHERRY ORCHARD- another strong cherry fragrance
CHINA RAIN-soft floral bouquet of violet and roses with a strong body of musk
CHRISTMAS COOKIE- french vanilla with butter spice and milk
CHRISTMAS MULBERRY-  blend of wood spices and fruits and flowers made to enhance the christmas
CHRISTMAS TREE- smells just like a 7 foot pine tree.
CINNAMON BUNNS- spicy warm and sweet  morning pastry
CINNAMON STICKS- classic raw cinnamon sticks
CINNAMON VANILLA-  classic french vanilla with a hint of cinnamon
CLEAN COTTON- crisp and cool best describes this refreshing aroma of fruits, florals, and green notes
COCONUT-  fresh cracked coconut shell
COCONUT CREAM PIE- just like the real thing. This one will make your mouth water.
COCONUT LIME VERBENA- a luscious blend of juicy citrus fruits such as lemon and lime on  a delicate
                    heart of creamy coconut and fresh florals. Vanilla notes and sandlewood round out the blend
COFFEE- like a fresh pot of brewed coffee
COOL CITRUS BASIL (TYPE) smells just like the popular bath and body fragrance
COOL WATER- a fresh modern fouger with a citrus top note enhanced  by hint of green , with a heart of
                   flowers on a background of amber, musk, moss, sandlewood, and cedar
COTTON BLOSSOM (TYPE)- just like the popular bath and body fragrance
CRANBERRY-berries enhanced by apple slices
CREAMY VANILLA-  absolutely fabulous sweet sugary, buttery vanilla
CREME BRULEE-rich creamy vanilla coffee blend
CUCUMBER MELON (TYPE) - smells just like the all time favorite of bath and body works
DICKENSON CHRISTMAS-fruity spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove,nutmeg and juniper notes with
                 a sweet musky background
DOWNY APRIL FRESH-just like a fresh clean load of laundry pulled from the dryer. Clean and fresh
DRAKKAR NOIR( TYPE)- modern fouger, bergamot, lavendar , oakmoss, and woods. Great mens colone
DREAMSICKLE- orange peels, and lemon zests sweetened by shaved coconut and french vanilla
FREESIA- bouquet of jasmine, lilac and rose with a background of fern.
FRENCH VANILLA -vanilla bean with a toucn of butter and nuts
FRUIT SLICES- a fruit salad blend with slices of grapefruit, orange, lemons, strawberries, and
         vine ripened raspberries and spices on  drynote of patchouli
GARDENIA- green bouquet of white flowers
GARDENIA LILY- aroma of summertime gardenias and elegant lilies that is patterned
        after the popular bath and body works fragrance
GEORGIA PEACHES- freshly cut peach off the tree
GINGERBREAD- sliced gingerbread and release aroma of spices and vanilla
GRANDMAS KITCHEN- all the spices you find in grandmas cooking
HAPPY( TYPE)-popular womans fragrance
HAPPY HOLIDAYS- cinnamon, clove and spice blend
HAWAIIAN BREEZE- tropical outdoor blend of fruit notes of orange, pineapple, peach and
         strawberrry combined with a nuance of jasmine and lavender
HEATHER-    bouquet of gardenia, lilac, and magnolias with a hint of rose and carnations
HOLLY BERRY- cinnamon and clove sweetened with vanilla and orange peels
HOME SWEET HOME- cinnamon and clove with rosemary
HONEY DEW MELON- fresh cut  melon
HONEYSUCKLE- like a honeysuckle flower
HUGO BOSS (MEN) like the popular mens fragrance
JASMINE- light jasmine bouquet
JAZZ BERRIES-a blend of fruity berry like notes with a hint of grapes and an undertone of
KEY LIME PIE- like the yankee candle scent
LAVENDER- bouquet enhanced by sage, patchouli and rosemary
LEMON MERINGUE PIE- smells like the real pie
LILAC- wild flowers picked off the tree
LILY OF THE VALLEY- blend of white flowers and lilie
LOVE SPELL- Victoria secret duplicate( citrus notes atop a fruity floral heart)
MAC APPLE- a blend of fresh peach, apricot, and pear with hints of lime and cut grass
        on a background of musk
MAGNOLIA- exotic white flowers blended
MANGO- fresh ripe fruit sliced
MID SUMMERS NITE- type of drakkar popular mens fragrance
MULBERRY- classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon stix , wild berries and orange
OBESESSION(TYPE) green topnotes with a citrusy, floral and spicey notes on a
      sweet woods background
PASSION FRUIT- blend of greenish coconut topnotes, assorted fruit notes drying on 
        vanilla musk background
PINK SUGAR-Victoria secret type
PEACHES AND CREAM- creamy nector of fresh peaches
PEARBERRY(TYPE) fruity fragrant blend of pear and berries with a slight musk
PINA COLADA- coconut and fruity topnotes and a hint of sweet musk background
PINK(TYPE) - Victoria secret duplicate,
PLEASURES( TYPE) popular womens fragrance
PLUMERIA- fruity floral blend with hints of green notes
POLO(TYPE) MENS- nice woody blend enhanced by hints of mint, artemisia, lavendar and
POMEGRANATE- blend of peach, apple and strawberry with a touch of vanilla
PUMPKIN PIE SPICE- nice holiday spice scent
RAIN-blend of rose and lily of the valley on a strong musk background
RASPBERRY VIOLET-balance between the floral sweetness of violets and the wild
      berry bitterness of raspberries
ROSE PETALS- fresh picked roses with a jasmine blossom and geranium
SAGE AND CITRUS- TYPE- incredible scent for the kitchen
SANDLEWOOD- woody bouquet with touches of cedarwood, amber and cedar leaf musk
SEA PETALS- light floral blend of roses and violets with a touch of light green notes,
       blended with some fruity notes of peach, citrus and strawberries
SNICKERDOODLE-nutty caramel, chocolate and vanilla, smells like the snack bar
d spices
STARGAZER LILY-spring garden in full bloom. Popular yankee scent
STRAWBERRY AND CHAMPAGNE- juicy fruity aroma with sparkling effervescents
        notes on a warm senual background that closely reminds you of the victoria secret
STRAWBERRIES- wild strawberries with just a hint of vanilla
STRAWBERRY KIWI-blend of sweet strawberries and ripened kiwis
SUGAR COOKIE-sugary aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies
SUGAR PLUM SPICE- mixed berries and some subtle spice drying on a soft vanilla
SUN AND SEA-light floral of roses and violets with a touch of light green notes,wiht some
     fruity notes of peaches citrus and strawberries
SWEET PEA- duplicate of the popular bath and body fragrance
TOMMY (TYPE) popular mens fragrance duplicate
TOMMY GIRL(TYPE)- popular designer fragrance duplicate
WATERMELON PEACH- incredible scent, stronger on the watermelon side with a touch of peach
WHITE CAKE- smells like you took a cake right out of the oven
WHITE LINEN(TYPE) popular womens fragrance
WILD CHERRY- strong fruity notes with slight touches of orange, peach, strawberry, banana and vanilla

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APPLE VANILLA- blend of apples and cinnamon, and vanilla. Stronger on the apple side