Have you heard of the wax dipped NO-FLAME scented air fresheners? Do you know what they are? They are stuffed animals saturated in wax that has been specially scented and there is no need to light them. They freshen up any room and the best part is, no waiting for the scent to heat up and fragrance the room. And they are decorative. You can use them just about anywhere you need a nice smell, OR WHEN YOU CAN'T OR DONT WANT TO BURN ANOTHER CANDLE...
My critters are triple scented and smell great, not to mention how adorable they are.They are perfect for that last minute baby shower gift, or last minute birthday gift too.They work all the time for a nice aroma no matter where you put them. They will last (with proper care), about a year or better. When the scent starts to fade just simply take a blow dryer on low heat for about 1-2 minutes and they will smell great all over again. I only use QUALITY stuffed animals. I have over 100 different ones to choose from, and I am forever adding more. My fragrance list is well over 200 different ones, and I am always adding more of these too. Anyway, feel free to shop my site and see them for yourself.
You can also pick the fragrance for each of them. They are made as you order. You may even pick the bow colors too. Have fun and have a blessed day.        Cleta

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: simply pick the animal by placing in the add to cart. Once you are at checkout you can add a note to the seller and type in your choice of scent and bow colors, or you can place order and send me an email cletascrafties@yahoo.com  and I will send you back a confirming email for your order. Its that easy. Thanks and if you want you can always just call the order in to me. I have a credit card machine for processing order if you feel unsecure of ordering online. ORDER TURN AROUND TIME:
once order is placed, I try to turn the order around and ship out by the following day. However, if I am out of a scent or plush that you requested, I will notify you immediately to make another choice, or tell you of the 1-3 days to get them in. Once I get them in I will process and ship out the following day. You may call me anytime. I am here to give you great customer care. - Cleta


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